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Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is the national airline. Its headquarters are at the Qatar Airways Tower in Doha. With more than 200 of his aircraft, Qatar Airways flies from Hamad International Airport to more than 150 global destinations in Africa, Asia, Europe, Americas and Oceania. Qatar Airways Group employs more than 43,000 of his people. The Qatari royal family once owned Qatar Airways, the national airline. However, through MR. AL-Baker reopened in his 1997 with a new management group. Born in Doha, Al-Baker studied economics and commerce and held various positions in the Civil Aviation Authority before taking command of Qatar Airways in 1997. He was instrumental in growing the airline into one of the fastest growing, largest and most admired airlines in the world. Qatar Airways became the first Persian Gulf airline to join one of the three major airline alliances when it joined Oneworld in October 2013. On November 22, 1993, the Qatar government established Qatar Airways, which commenced operations on January 20, 1994. Amman was first offered in May 1994. Qatar Airways has a number of divisions including Doha International Airport, Qatar Airways Holidays, United Media International, Qatar Duty Free, Qatar Aviation Services, Qatar Distribution Company and Qatar Executive. Qatar Airways flies to over 90 destinations on all six inhabited continents, including 13 in India and 11 in the United States. In 2012, Qatar Airways added 14 new airports to its network: Addis Ababa, Baghdad, Belgrade, Erbil, Gassim, Kigali, Kilimanjaro, Maputo, Mombasa, Perth, St. Petersburg, Warsaw, Yangon and Zagreb. After 2011, 2012 and 2015, Qatar Airways is proud to have won the Airline of the Year title for the fourth time in 2017. Over 18 million of his travelers around the world have taken part in surveys conducted by the world’s leading aviation industry audit. Multi-award winning airline Qatar Airways has been named World’s Best Business Class, Best Business Class Airline Lounge and Best Airline Staff Service in the Middle East at the prestigious Skytrax World Airline Awards 2016. Awarded. In 2003, Qatar Airways became the first airline in the world to be certified by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Operational Safety Audit. Since then, they have managed to renew this certification every two years. Qatar Airways is known for its creativity and warmth. It praised the Arabian hospitality and personal treatment, excellent entertainment system and delicious cuisine offered by one of the most modern fleets. What sets Qatar Airways apart from other airlines is our 5-star service, attention to detail, dedication to our passengers, superior amenities and outstanding food and beverage. For code-sharing purposes, numerous safety and security processes for various airlines need to be standardized and streamlined through audits.

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